CRM Software for Small Business

Powerful CRM for Small Business

Drive powerful, profitable customer relationships. Automational’s dynamic CRM for small business offers you a single source to organize, synchronize, and manage all your customer and prospect records. Now, small businesses can rest assured opportunities are no longer falling through the cracks.


Keep track of your most valuable asset – your customers and prospects – with one easy-to-use, customizable CRM.  Create and link Contact Records, Organizations, and Opportunities to stay on top of your business.

Automational - CRM for small business
Customer Relationship Management - Organization Record
Opportunity Record


Stay on top of every opportunity by automatically assigning, tagging, and connecting your entire customer and prospect database to powerful marketing software.

CRM Tool - View and Manage Tasks

View and Manage Your Team’s Tasks

Customer relationship management made easy. Assign your team’s follow-ups and responses, plus monitor their progress.

CRM Tool - Relationship Links

Create connections between records

Link relationships between your Contacts, Organizations, and Partners.

Small Business CRM Functionality - Tag Records

Organize your data with tags

Create and apply record-level tags based on campaigns, events, promotions, and more.

Social Discovery in a CRM

Discover social profiles automatically

Go beyond the email inbox by directly linking to your Contacts’ social media profiles.

CRM Tag Records

Build targeted marketing lists

Find just the right records you need based on the customizable criteria you want.


Automational’s CRM for small business has powerful, yet intuitive tools that allow for simple drag and drop, linking, alert setup, and more – keep your business running smoothly.

Contact Management - Customize Your Records

Customize the Contact Record to fit your needs.

Customize your small business CRM with various data types including text, drop down, checkbox, integer, currency, date/time, and hyperlink. Create custom fields to add information specific to your business and industry. All custom fields are available within Automational search, export, and reporting tools.

Add important details to your records

PostNoteIconQuickly post notes

Filter the record timeline to see all notes in a single view.

AttachFilesIconAttach important documents

Easily find and access files from record timelines.

SetAlertIconSet alerts

Use alerts to keep important information top of mind. Alerts can always remain that the top of the timeline or expire at a later date and time.

Contact Summary


Integrate with popular small business marketing software and tools to sync contacts and communications.

Office 365 CRM Integration

Integrations with Gmail and Outlook for Office 365

Quickly add contacts and copy emails into Automational’s CRM for small business from Gmail and Office 365. Our email integration apps allow you to see when the sender of an email is in Automational as a contact. If not, you can add them with just one click.

CRM Tool - Import Data & Mapping

Import data from common file types

Quickly map fields in your CRM by dragging and dropping. See how your fields will map before you kick off your import.

Mobile Contact Management

Import and manage contacts on mobile app

Our iPhone app provides quick access to contacts, including the full timeline of communications with the contact. When importing contacts, you can easily see which contacts are in the system to avoid duplication. It’s a powerful CRM for small business owners on the go!