Marketing automation software

Marketing Automation For Small Business

Automational’s easy-to-use automation software brings together the platform’s CRM and email features to create powerful marketing campaigns and workflows. Now, small businesses can unleash their potential as a smart marketers.

Create & Automate

Easily build the campaigns you imagine – drip marketing, nurture, onboarding, customer retention, sales engagement and much more. Marketing automation software made easy.

Online marketing customer journey
Automate marketing campaigns
Marketing automation triggers and actions

Control the Flow With Interactive Triggers and Actions

Increase your marketing effectiveness with a wide variety of actions and release timers that create diverse paths of action for your customers and team to interact with.

Increase marketing effectiveness with negative decision nodes

Automatically take action based on Contacts’ behavior

Send an email to a prospect, assign a task to a team member and more when your Contacts do (or do not) take action.

Start Faster with Templates

Common & customizable marketing automation templates come standard.

marketing campaign templates

 Newsletters, Nurture Campaigns, Event Invitations and more

Simply select the template you want to use, enter your details, and start automating your online marketing.

Track, Measure, and Improve

Track website visitors, and prioritize your prospect in our automated marketing platform.

Automate your marketing with web forms

Web Forms

Interact with your prospects and customers – and trigger automated campaigns – with web forms that can be embedded into any website.

Track your online marketing contacts with built-in analytics

Web Analytics

Track when visitors are on your site and identify the company or organization from where they are browsing.


Lead Scoring

Understand which prospects are most interested based on their level of interaction with your emails and web site.

Focus & Segment

Customize your list and content you send based on the criteria that matter most to your small business.

Create segmented lists for your digital marketing efforts

List Creation

Automatically create and add contacts to lists based on firmographics, Contact attributes, tracked behaviors and more.

Personalize your marketing automation with contact information

Message Customization

Include personalized touches to each message you send by adding conditional content in the email body and subject line.