Find an Automational Partner

Clientraction and Automational

Clientraction Location: Portland, OR

Clientraction is an outsourced marketing service serving small and medium-sized businesses looking to implement the latest marketing strategies without complications or high price tags.

Coffee & Dunn and Automational

Coffee & Dunn Location: McKinney, TX

Coffee & Dunn are marketing operations advisors and solutions providers that focus on giving your business a balance of planning, creative collaboration, and operational discipline. They bridge the gap between a traditional agency and supply chain integrators.


Collectivity Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

COLLECTIVITY is a technology provider cooperative that helps nonprofits and their funders build capacity to optimize mission delivery and outcome performance….building better teams, and collaboration with community partners to create Collective Impact.


CRM Innovation Location: Overland Park, KS

CRM Innovation was built to help companies with 10 to 1,000 employees use traditional sales and marketing processes in today’s high-tech world. They help clients build proven strategies that connect sales and marketing with technology, while streamlining processes for increased revenue and healthy growth. CRM Innovation is a Microsoft CRM Silver Competency Partner and ISV.

Denmi Group and Automational

Demmi Group Location: Tampa, FL

Demmi Group is an Online Digital and Traditional Marketing Agency. They offer customized marketing solutions for a diverse set of organizations. Denmi Group specializes in both traditional (e.g., offline, brochures and collateral) and digital (e.g., online, advertising campaigns and internet marketing) marketing services.


Emboss LLC Location: Largo, FL

Emboss LLC is an innovative digital marketing agency that helps its clients create, design, develop, engage, market, and measure performance on their website. Emboss finds solutions to your tech-based problems.


Eastridge Location: Winston-Salem, NC

From software and hardware procurement to deployment planning, configuration, data center optimization, IT asset management and cloud computing, Eastridge offers custom IT solutions for every aspect of your business.


Hayman Studio Location: North York, PA

Hayman has fun creating your photos and videos, shouldn’t you? They’ve got 65 years of experience, and are always upgrading their knowledge and equipment, so you can relax and know that they’ll get the job done in a fun, friendly and professional way.


Ignite RMR Location: Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Ignite RMR provides targeted digital marketing solutions for the security industry. For their clients, that means faster time to market with the right message and minimal oversight. The Ignite RMR team is 100% dedicated to marketing for the security industry, which saves you a lot of time and money by not having to explain the security business to them.

Launch Technology Group Logo

Launch Technology Group Location: Logan, UT

Launch Technology Group is a small business consultancy company that can help you build a strong online presence, expand and engage your community, and grow your ROI through sales and marketing.

Newmark Logo

Newmark Studios Location: Michigan City, IN

Newmark Studios is a brand management agency that strengthens service businesses by developing, implementing and managing brand and marketing strategies.

Parkinson Systems and Automational

Parkinson Systems Location: Grayslake, IL

Parkinson Systems offers product demonstrations, needs analysis and recommendations, as well as reliable backup services you may require – installation, configuration, customization and training. These elements ensure the Automational system is tailored to your company’s exact requirements and is fully utilized.

Pullman Marketing and Automational

Pullman Marketing Location: Pullman, WA

Pullman Marketing helps online businesses build a successful presence through credibility, visibility, and social media. Pullman Marketing helps you build a loyal customer base and optimize your website to ensure the highest possible return on investment.

Sellera and Automational

Sellera Location: Atlanta, GA

Sellera builds sales and sales cycles that give you a higher return on investment. Their philosophy is that all customers are venture capital investors.

Social Faucet and Automational

Socila Faucet Location: Atlanta, GA

Social Faucet helps you bring blurry ideas into focus. They are a marketing driven, tech-savvy team of creatives that specialize in design, development, direction and through unique application to every industry, they create a one of a kind brand experience for their clients.

StrataBlue and Automational

Stratablue Location: Indianapolis, IN

StrataBlue is a global digital strategy management firm whose mission is to help businesses of all sizes take best advantage of today’s highly digital marketplace, whether it relates to marketing services, cloud solutions or business analytics.

TechBridge and Automational

TechBridge Location: Atlanta, GA

TechBridge is a nonprofit that drives community impact by bringing affordable technology and business expertise to other nonprofits. TechBridge provides IT consulting and services to thousands of nonprofits in all 50 states and in seven countries— helping them harness the productivity gains long since enjoyed by the corporate sector, by connecting the needs of nonprofits with the skills and financial resources of the technology community.

TechBridge and Automational

TTV Solutions Location: Grosse Pointe, MI

TTV (Time to Value) Solutions helps businesses tell stories that grow audiences of people and influence others that might use the client’s product or service.

VivCorp and Automational

VivCorp Location: Woodland Hills, CA

VivCorp provides cost-effective cloud-based technology solutions tailored to specific budgets and needs. They analyze business goals and help achieve them through integrated information management and business process outsourcing solutions.

William Avon Agency and Automational

William Avon Agency LLC Location: Morehead City, NC

William Avon Agency provides everyday people with wealth creation, financial protection, and income generation strategies previously known only to the rich.

Woblet and Automational

Woblet Location: Atlanta, GA

Woblet now is the restaurant loyalty program you’ll want to use again. With great deals every time you use it and rewards points with every purchase, there are no losers in this game.

FullContactSelling Logo

Full Contact Selling Location: Toronto, Canada

FCS delivers a unique advantage over traditional sales methodologies by fully integrating the three key areas of sales productivity: 1.) Proven business processes 2.) Selling skills 3.) Best practice use of CRM and related technologies.

FullContactSelling Logo

LINKS Marketing Solutions Location: Ontario, Canada

LINKS serves the needs of businesses and organizations in every sector and their team of information, sales management and marketing specialists can provide solutions that will engage meaningful customer relationships.

XEL Agency Logo

XEL Agency Location: Vancouver, Canada

XEL Agency is a small business service agency that launched in 2014. The agency provides services including but not limited to: business development, website development (including e-commerce), CRM implementation, lead management, sales management and logistics consulting.


CRM Knowledge Location: Warrington, United Kingdom

CRM Knowledge provides training, coaching, consulting, help and support for organisations and people who are creating, implementing and managing Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions.

For a Fact

For a Fact Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

For a Fact is the only company in Denmark that works exclusively with marketing for Dynamics CRM. For a Fact helps clients drive results and increase their possibilities through the use of marketing automation.

Javista and Automational

JaVista Location: Paris, France

JaVista is a Paris-based digital marketing agency that specializes in CRM consultancy and implementation. JaVista also provides marketing automation solutions through Automational and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

LogicPoint and Automational

Logic Point Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Logic point is a consulting firm that provides clients with a complete service in the field of customer relationship management. Their experienced consultants can provide you with an outside view and will share with you the experience of similar projects.

Marketing Makkelijk

Marketing Makkelijk Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Marketing Makkelijk (MAMA) is a dynamic and young Dutch company focused on helping small sized businesses in realizing and streamlining their online marketing by offering a set of easy to use tools.


Premium66 Location: Jerusalum, Israel

Picking cloud software just got way easier. Premium66 is here to help you decide on cloud software with minimal investment of time and effort.

Automation Station

Automation Station Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Automation Station is an SME operating within the South African market. With a team of experts in the field, they can help you transform your digital footprint and get your business and brand out directly in front of customers.


EnterpriseCloud Location: Gauteng, South Africa

Enterprisecloud has one passion – CRM. THey eat and sleep customer relationship management. Every person on their team is motivated by opportunities to help their customers improve their sales, marketing or customer service capabilities, and therefore their business.

The CRM Team and Automational

The CRM Team Location: Johnannesburg, South Africa

The CRM Team helps you market better and increase your sales. The CRM Team has implemented solutions for companies all over the world, raising profits through an increase in sales and marketing.


Zavanti Location: Sydney, Australia

Zavanti CRM will become a critical business intelligence tool in your organisation, delivering an integrated set of easy to use applications based on proven Microsoft technology. The solution enables efficient data input, allowing you to capture all client, supplier and employee communications and manage your projects efficiently.