History of Automational

In May of 2010 our team set out to build a software company to provide automated marketing software specifically for companies that use Microsoft’s CRM software. That company is ClickDimensions (the parent company of Automational) and it has grown to be the leader in its category with over 2,300 customers in 50+ countries and growing. What makes ClickDimensions special is that we built our marketing software in such a way that it looks and operates just as if it were part of Microsoft’s CRM product. To the user, even though the two solutions are from separate companies, they feel more like a single solution with all sales and marketing features combined. The success of ClickDimensions made it evident that the ‘all-in-one’ solution concept is the way of the future. At the same time, we also saw that there is a huge market of small businesses that need sales and marketing capabilities as a single solution from a single vendor. We built that solution; we call it Automational, and it is amazing. What makes Automational so amazing can be traced to the advantages we had in building it:

  • Our entire team comes from a background of working with both CRM and marketing automation applications.  We know which features are critical and how to build them in a way that is intuitive and simple yet scalable
  • We started the company in the age of cloud computing and mobile apps, and we have used the latest Microsoft Azure cloud technologies and mobile-first design thinking to maximize performance, accessibility and usability.
  • We ‘began with the end in mind’ knowing from day one that we were building a complete sales and marketing solution to combine CRM and marketing features. We designed Automational with a comprehensive vision of how it will look many versions into the future.
  • We have started and grown small businesses, so we know well the sales and marketing tools these organizations need as they progress.

The result of these advantages is a sales and marketing solution that is unmatched in design, technology and vision.

“Small businesses need sales and marketing capabilities as a single solution from a single vendor. We built that solution.”