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CRM – Customer Relationship Management

Not like any other, instead of typing in all the data and spending hours of work managing never ending lists, our platform lets you create contact forms in your website that automatically updates the CRM, allowing you to focus on organizing your contact records, score leads, assign tasks to your team, and manage your growing pipeline.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email campaigns are easy to create, edit, and optimize. No HTML or technical knowledge required making it a breeze to keep in touch with your prospects and customers.

Our integrated solution captures your prospects’ interactions with your website and emails, giving you full visibility into which digital marketing campaigns give you the highest ROI.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Easily build the campaigns you imagine – drip marketing, nurture, onboarding, customer retention, sales engagement and much more.

Marketing automation software made easy allowing you to unleash your potential as a smart marketer today.

Turn more leads into sales (and feel confident no opportunities slip through the cracks).

Strategically Engage Customers

Use email marketing to create and send personalized, timely messages.

Next: Accurately Qualify Prospects

Accurately Qualify Prospects

Capture and prioritize leads from website visitors and information seekers.

Next: Organize Data

Organize Data

Use our small business CRM to organize and analyze your most valuable assets - your customers.

Next: Nurture Leads

Nurture Leads

Use our award-winning sales and marketing automation platform to stay in front of customers and prospects at all times.

Next: Strategically Engage Customers

Integrate Your Favorite Apps & Software Easily

Easily connect your Automational account to a variety of popular small business apps with Automational’s Zapier zap and powerful API.

Support to Help You Succeed

Your customer experience is important to us. Our team of experienced Marketing Success Managers will closely guide you through the marketing software on-boarding and setup process, plus share best practices that can help your business grow.

Media IconIn-App Training

Unleash your inner smart marketer with our in-app training and visual tools. You’ll be building, deploying, and evaluating your campaigns in no time!

Book IconResources

Continue learning with our library of digital marketing tutorials, videos, and articles available to answer all your questions 24/7.

Your website marketing support team at Automational
We’re huge fans and advocates of Automational and the value it brings to our growing company. Thank you!
Christa Freeland
Within the first six months using Automational we achieved 10x increase in traffic, 30% increase in leads generated and closed $20,000 in revenue that we wouldn’t have otherwise.
Miles Tinsley
Automational’s attention to detail and customer service makes everything easier.
Marc Sawyer
The support and training is unlike anything I’ve experienced and will be recommending Automational far and wide!
Andy Limbaugh, The Keyser Law Firm

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